Anonymous : hi!! i hope you have a good day because you deserve it ꒰๑•‧̮ૣ•ૣ๑꒱

that’s so sweet thank you I hope you have a good day too!!

www-jesus : Can we see a picture of little you? Kinda a creepy question but I'm really intrigued. ;; You did have a wonderful fashion sense when you were a kid, not gonna lie.

sure haha I probably wasn’t fashionable at all though I asked my mum and she chose all my clothes when I was little lmao “of course I dressed you nicely I even matched your bobbles to your dummies as a baby”

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more fashions from little me

drawing my characters in clothes I wore when I was 5

Anonymous : your art makes me so so happy, looking at that makoto all cozy and stuff made me so excited for snow and christmas and just giving everyone love and hugs ahhh bless you and your art seriously ilu

this is cute omg thank you

Anonymous : are your commissions open? :o

Yes, I’m going to update the commissions page!

but you ask yourself

where is my mind

Anonymous : what happened to your main blog? did u change urls or something???

yeah it’s yanderation now

Anonymous : your colors may be my cause of death some day (a compliment.) say, do you pick them yourself and edit them a little or do you completely rely on photoshop?

Haha thanks

I’m not sure what completely relying on photoshop would be (and I use sai like all the time) but yeah I just pick them and if they don’t look right I’ll pick again, then sometimes when I’m finished I like using the “colour deepen” slider a little because my colours tend to be quite dull

before/after colour deepen comparisons which probably aren’t that great though

this one is a little clearer I think?


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