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i wanted to draw everyone from wadanohara tbh

recent doodles from instagram

thank you! i will see about maybe selling them soon, though i’m not sure how yet (other than through society6…?)

i’m on a BA illustration course

my livestream account is sailors and i was thinking about doing another stream at some point maybe, i’ll post about it if i do. yeah i usually use one layer or two if i’m doing lineart. and thank you! i don’t think you should worry so much about how long things take? you’ll get faster as you get used to digital art anyway, and it gets a lot easier too, just keep at it!

Anonymous asked: i'm thinking it's probably a no since they're for school, but would you ever be able to sell those t-shirt designs? they're seriously adorable!

no it’d be fine to sell them tbh! my friends were actually talking about selling all the designs we did as part of our collective thing so that might end up happening at some point

shirt designs for school

probably need to go back and work on this some more but for now it’s getting crossed of the list

so much work falls over

Anonymous asked: Make danisnotonfire and amazingphil into mermaids( they're YouTubers just incase you don't know:))

just watched cosmos: a spacetime odyssey and wanted to try copying some of the space images they were all so pretty

pecan for the animal crossing collab!

Anonymous asked: do you think you could post a video of your progress when you draw, or progress shots? like from sketch to finish :) i love the way you draw and i would love to snap up some tips when it comes to drawing digitally!! and dont say "no, im not that good", cause your're amazing :D

this is a super late answer sorry i always forget to take progress shots or videos but i actually had a few saved from my graduate book piece

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went to see the lego movie yesterday and i want to watch it again already

i keep drawing little page ideas but i still don’t know what this dumb story is about

Anonymous asked: I don't know if you take suggestions or anything but there's this character in league of legends named jinx and I think it would look amazing if you drew her. :3

I LOVE JINX (i think most of her posts on my main blog are tagged as ‘girlfriend’ tbh lol bye) and actually even downloaded LOL because of her lmao, i only played it for like an hour though it’s not my kinda thing so i thought it’d be silly to draw fanart?? but maybe someday…when i’m not so busy

yeah sure i don’t mind as long as there’s credit!

some more mermaid ideas

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