Quick sketch commissions like these are available for a while!

- £20 per character (fullbody, I can do waist/thigh-up for £15)

- Paypal only, payment upfront, prices are in GBP

- email tsunderation@gmail.com

Please include at least one visual reference

Because they’re sketches I won’t be sending out sketch examples first, but if you’d like a progress shot to check just let me know

I won’t be uploading these so you’re free to post them on your own tumblr!

Anonymous : what are your photoshop brushes? :o

I don’t have any because I can’t even find the same damn ones that I’ve used before never mind any that I actually like

I am really bad at photoshop

Sorry I know a few people have asked me this and I haven’t answered but if I ever do find brushes that I like I will add them to my FAQ promise!

Anonymous : Sorry if this has been asked before, but is it okay if we do, sort of, fanart of your original designs? With credit where it's due of course// Sorry if this question is annoying sweats;;;;

Yeah that’d be super cool!! you should totally tag me in the post because I’d love to see…..

Anonymous : what are you planning to do after you graduate??

I have plans for personal projects, some of which I’m working on now, but other than that I really have no idea

send me back to school I’m not ready for the real world


Anonymous : I am sorry but could you PLEASE tell me where I can get these ' line, flat ' tools for SAI?... I Mean I have the crayon one but not the 'Bristle' option. Please could you help me? Thank you ^^

"line" and "flat" are both the brush tool, and I’m not sure why you don’t have the bristle option… if you have the ones like fine_round etc. though I think they look kind of similar?

Anonymous : How do you come up with all the cute outifts you draw? Do you look at references, or do you already know what kind of styles and patterns you enjoy and just implement that?

A little of both I guess? I mean I tend to draw the same generic cutesy clothes a lot, and I have my favourite silhouettes which I probably use too often

Most of the time I just wing the designs and draw what I feel like at the time, like with that last post I started out just wanting to draw a pinafore + blouse combo because there was an advert on tv with school uniforms, then I was like frills gotta add frills. And I wanted layers so added a coat, then remembered that I’d wanted to draw this outfit the other day so I incorporated some of that design.

It’s usually a process like that rather than looking for a specific reference, like also the girls in black/yellow for the one on the left I had seen my mum looking through a magazine across the room and spotted some clothes I liked the look of and tried to draw them from memory though I hadn’t seen them that well (when I later looked at the magazine I was way off lmao but I liked what I ended up with more so)

So yeah that’s how it is with random inspirations. I don’t think designs through as much as I should, I want to try to draw different kinds of clothes more!

still my fave dmmd boy

Anonymous : What degree are you working on?

Illustration, but I’m already finished (graduating next month!)

I drew this a while ago and could never finish it properly but I hope that one day I will

sailor outfits for hq_69min

girls girls girls

vampire sisters