Anonymous : I love your art style so much and you are a cutie patooter. I was wondering if you used any guidelines when you draw or if it was all freehand. Your sketchbook posts always seem so neat and clean and guideline free. Anyway have a nice day~

Both! It depends on how I feel I guess, but sometimes drawing freehand takes even longer because I get stuck if I didn’t think about what I was doing. I do draw freehand more in sketchbooks I think because I find it a lot easier compared to drawing on my tablet, I usually do something like this for guidelines digitally, a sort of quick doodle first

And thank you!

Anonymous : If you don't mind, Can you name some animes that you know and like? (Do you watch any? Or you're not familiar with it)

We could be here a while I like a lot of anime

But off the top of my head some of my faves are probably sailor moon, cardcaptor sakura, madoka magica, mawaru penguindrum, sayonara zetsubou sensei, evangelion, ouran hs host club, princess tutu, gurren lagann

And right now I’m watching free! ES, gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun and dmmd. Sort of half watching (more reading the manga) haikyuu!, tokyo ghoul and yowamushi pedal

Anonymous : How come you deleted the posts showing your art process? (The one where you started by blocking out the colors) even the original art piece is gone :0

I cleaned out a lot of stuff I didn’t like from my blog a while ago, sorry!

Anonymous : Could you link some of your ss15 favorite inspirational blogs :) I read on intagram to another follower that you got inspired by those.

Oh I didn’t go onto any actual blogs for the ss15 stuff I just scrolled through the whole tag, but I just looked again and this one seems good!


Anonymous : what sort of thing did you include in your portfolio when you applied to uni?? and would you recommend lincoln? i'm thinking of applying to there next year!!

I’m struggling to remember what was in there tbh, a few life drawings in graphite? charcoal maybe? some watercolour and acrylic paintings, ink drawings? I know some of the paintings were pages for a children’s book project I’d done on foundation, others were probably studies and personal illustrations. And a sketchbook (maybe two?) with mostly life studies and prep work from projects. There’s nothing else I can think of really, my portfolio was honestly pretty badly put together so sorry this isn’t very helpful.

And I would definitely recommend lincoln, the illustration course is great and fun and the tutors are awesome! Good luck if you do apply!

some asks

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but you know what they say about me

Anonymous : Do you have a youtube page? Or somewhere we can see u draw?

I have a livestream but I don’t use it very often, maybe I’ll stream something when I’m done with commissions though if people are interested!

so let me hold

both your hands in the holes of my sweater

Quick sketch commissions like these are available for a while!

- £20 per character (fullbody, I can do waist/thigh-up for £15)

- Paypal only, payment upfront, prices are in GBP

- email

Please include at least one visual reference

Because they’re sketches I won’t be sending out sketch examples first, but if you’d like a progress shot to check just let me know

I won’t be uploading these so you’re free to post them on your own tumblr!


still my fave dmmd boy